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Erstwhile Icon Football - Breezy blue

Icon Football - Breezy blue

€49,00 €24,50
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Erstwhile Icon Cycling - Playful pink

Icon Cycling - Playful pink

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Erstwhile Icon Running - Ready red

Icon Running - Ready red

€49,00 €24,50

Erstwhile is founded by and for men that love sports and the amateur culture. We just love the before, during and after 'togetherness' and it's our mission to create clothes with that back-in-the-day-smile.

To embody that culture, that nostalgia, that pure joy ... we knew we had to do it ourselves. For every piece we create there is an extensive sample run. Starting with the first design on the back of a beer coaster and ending with a masterpiece we feel 100% sure about.

All day to day and creative aspects of Erstwhile are done in our hometown Mechelen, Belgium. Whenever you're around just visit Mechelen, you'll be amazed by its beauty, diversity and coziness. And while you're there join us for a drink.

For our logistics we recently teamed up with BME in Genk, Belgium. They take good care of the shipping and stocking process, enabling us to focus on the fun stuff.

The actual craftsmanship takes place in Barcelos, Portugal. Where we met our match in Larga Imagem.

As Erstwhile, Larga Imagem is a small family owned company already runned for decades.  In every aspect they excel at making the finest cotton-made-piece you'll ever wear. We're not exaggerating at all...just try it.

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